200 Rupees New Notes of Indian Currency Photo (New Two Hundred Currency Notes)

200 Notes New
200 Notes New

After demonetisation of Indian Currency 500 and 1000 Rupees Notes, Indian govt. had launched their new notes. Currently its not confirmed that Indian government will soon launch new 200 rupees notes to balance the currency gap. But an picture has surfaced which as gone viral.

200 Rupees notes will be circulated once the printing will be over. As the 2000 rupees notes denomination become quite tough to get exchanged. The latest upcoming 200 denomination notes will fulfill the currency gap. So that accessing to physical currency become much more easier.

If this is another photoshop job, then it is a pretty good one. The note seems to have all the necessary security features and watermarks mentioning Rs 200. There is also Rs 200 written in Hindi more than once. Also, it is different in colour from Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes released recently though it has the new design language.

The chances are this is another fake, but it is hard to ignore this photo of what seems like a Rs 200 note. Before you ask us what is a Rs 200 note, let us tell you there have been reports that the government is considering such a new currency to fill the gaps.

After the demonetisation of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on November 8 last year, the government had introduced a new Rs 2000 note. There is a Euro 200 note, but this denomination is not so popular otherwise

The proposal to introduce Rs 200 notes is part of a larger focus by the government and RBI on circulating lower denomination currency notes of Rs 100 and Rs 500. “People are still reluctant to take Rs 2000 and therefore there is still a shortage of currency notes and the need is to have lower denomination notes,” said the official. The problem was aggravated because the government and RBI couldn’t circulate Rs 1,000 notes.

But regardless of what sources have said, there is no official confirmation, as of yet. In fact, the RBI communications department said, “As of now, it is a speculative information. Thus, it would be difficult for us to make any statement on it.”

A sum of Rs 15.44 lakh crore was sucked out of the system by demonetisation. Before the exercise, Rs 8.58 lakh crore comprised Rs 500 notes and Rs 6.86 lakh crore in Rs 1,000. But with a large chunk of transactions moving to the digital platform and the government aggressively pushing for cashless payments, the RBI need not print currency worth around Rs 1170 crore.

So, times matters now as we have to wait until any official confirmation of 200 notes.